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Joey T.


Memphis, Tn.
5' 10/206
Finishing Move:
T. Virus (Swandive Headbutt from top rope)
In the Business: 
6 years
Favorite Match:
Ironman - (Have yet to do one, but it will come)
Best Wrestlers Wrestled:
Running Wolf, Hardcore NDN Daniel Flynn, Terry Bryant, Daniel Groom, Big Hoss, Big Smooth, Mystic Warrior Tim Warcloud, Doink The Clown, Wilber J Poindexter, Shadow and Angel
Wrestled For:
WCCW (now defunct), Buzzsaw Championship Wrestling (Poteau, OK), OWW, GWF (Kansas) and SPW
SPW Championships Won: 
SPW Native American Tag Championship and SPW Regional Heavyweight Champion (both retired)

What's New?

19 Feb 2005 - Joey T. wrestled a hard fought GWF U.S. Heavyweight Championship bout and lost to Angel, the title-holder.

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